NewTech Facilities


Do the facilities really matter?

We believe they do. We are continually looking to enhance our training facilities to make sure you get more from the whole training experience with us.

What training facilities do we use?

NewTech not focused only on insuring that trainee have a firm understanding of the programs but also have solid skills and experience that goes beyond our Training programs and IT technology. We need to insure our courses and curriculums develop the employees to address the critical IT needs of today.

Quality Indoor Environments

NewTech strategies support high-quality indoor environments that can positively influence task performance and attention spans by:

  1. Quality Acoustics
  2. Appropriate Lighting
  3. Comfort and Aesthetics
  4. Thermal Comfort and Ventilation
  5. Coffee Vending Machines
  6. Internet access & Phones
  7. Fax machines

Labs Facilities

Our presentations are done with infra-red remote control for the trainers, so they don't have to stand by the PC like a statue to present our materials.
For trainees we provide a comprehensive training manual. This is a properly written, illustrated and indexed book, and not just a collection of the presenters’ slides.

Labs equipped with computer workstations.

Labs equipped with the latest physical Cisco components, Microsoft Virtual Machines, Oracle, etc…

Payment Facilities

Students can pay their cost either Cash or Credits during the duration of registered track without any additional fees.

Religious Aid

NewTech team is available to care for the spiritual needs for every individual.

Tracks Saving

Register in 2 Tracks and get 50% discount on the third one.

As always, we would love to hear from you and look forward to your continued feedback. Feel free to contact us anytime at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .