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... basic application and desktop productivity tools to complex IT systems and real life engineering construction and design applications. As a Training Solution Provider for many of the industry's top ...
2. Trainers
... instructors are certified in their respective subjects and bring years of industry experience to the classroom. Their real-world experience allows them to provide relevant and specific examples to help ...
3. Courses
... Data Center CCNA Routing and Switching CCNA Security CCNA Service Provider CCNA Video CCNA Voice CCNA ...
4. About Us
NewTech activity is to provide training services for all IT, Networking, Programming, Graphic Designer, Business, and Beginners-Advanced Computer learning. NewTech can offer these training and much more. ...
5. NewTech Facilities
... a statue to present our materials. For trainees we provide a comprehensive training manual. This is a properly written, illustrated and indexed book, and not just a collection of the presenters’ slides. ...
NewTech Training Center operates with a vision to provide high-quality training to its corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes. NewTech offers advantage of the cost-effective ...