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NewTech Training Center NewTech Training Center is a leading company located in Beirut, Lebanon since 2008. NewTech delivers a full range of technology, engineering and business skills, training from ...
2. Location
NewTech Training Center Cornish El Mazera Street, Facing Mazen Pharmacy, BML Bank building, 8th Floor, Beirut, Lebanon T: +961 (1) 304266 F:+961 (1) 304266 M:+961 (3) 030891 / +961 (3) 018208 E: ...
3. Trainers
... their students relate to the course material and retain more information. Our certified instructors are present to provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout your training. NewTech trainers ...
4. Certification
... holding a certification a competitive advantage over those with an equivalent level and hands-on experience. New Career Options NewTech offers training for a wide range of certification tracks. Microsoft ...
5. About Us
NewTech activity is to provide training services for all IT, Networking, Programming, Graphic Designer, Business, and Beginners-Advanced Computer learning. NewTech can offer these training and much more. ...
6. NewTech Facilities
... training facilities do we use? NewTech not focused only on insuring that trainee have a firm understanding of the programs but also have solid skills and experience that goes beyond our Training programs ...
NewTech Training Center operates with a vision to provide high-quality training to its corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes. NewTech offers advantage of the cost-effective ...
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