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1. Trainers
Our trainers are technical and instructional experts in all our training programs. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the most qualified and experienced instructors in the industry. All of our ...
2. Certification
... holding a certification a competitive advantage over those with an equivalent level and hands-on experience. New Career Options NewTech offers training for a wide range of certification tracks. Microsoft ...
3. About Us
... price. As a leading local training organization, we have the flexibility and responsiveness to meet all deadlines. Additionally, we have the resources, specialized knowledge, and the necessary experience ...
4. NewTech Facilities
Do the facilities really matter? We believe they do. We are continually looking to enhance our training facilities to make sure you get more from the whole training experience with us. What ...
... convenience of on-site corporate training and you can get your team the corporate training they need without requiring them to sacrifice project schedules. NewTech has a proven team of experienced ...